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50 Movies To Watch With Your Kids Before They Grow Up


One of my favorite memories I hope my kids always keep with them are our family movie nights.

I adore the four of us with a mound of blanket and pillows on the living room floor, the coffee table pushed out of the way, snacking on popcorn and learning about life through film.

These movies listed here are all ones that will teach lessons and help our kids see the world through others eyes. These are must-see movies to watch with your kids before they grow up!

1. Charlotte’s Web

2. Babe

3. Free Willy

4. Toy Story 3

5. Akeelah and the Bee

6. Homeward Bound

7. Moana

8. Frozen

9. ET

10. The Wizard of Oz

11. The Indian in the Cupboard

12. Hugo

13. Remember The Titans

14. Dolphin Tale


16. Beauty and The Beast

17. Matilda

18. Mrs. Doubtfire

19. Jack

20. Forest Gump

21. Mulan

22. The Lorax

23. Fern Gully

24. The Jungle Book

25. Kubo and the Two Strings

26. Coco

27. Ferdinand

28. Leap!

29. The Little Prince

30. Brave

31. The Karate Kid

32. A Wrinkle In Time

33. Freedom Writers

34. Finding Nemo

35. Rudy

36. Wonder

37. The Odd Life of Timothy Green

38. Turbo

39. The BFG

40. The Adventures of Tin Tin

41. The Polar Express

42. Finding Neverland

43. Hook

44. We Bought A Zoo

45. Maleficent

46. The Chronicles of Narnia

47. Nim’s Island

48. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

49. Nanny McPhee

50. Where The Wild Things Are

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